The museum needs to be renovated

the museum needs to be renovated

"To bring the history of the village and the castle to life in a variety of ways", said strong, according to the chairman werner vogel, these are the goals of the local history society. To dance frankish and thus the traditional "reitsch'wieser" the preservation of the traditional costume is just as worthwhile a goal as the authentic presentation of history on botenlauben.

Vogel added that the association's main concern is to ensure that the castle remains in the public eye. By maintaining the toilet facilities, the association has also made the castle ruins more attractive as an excursion and hiking destination and upgraded them as a venue for events. The sensible use of the historical building fabric is safe. This also applies to the old town hall with its small museum and the home of the association. The association also wants to preserve the village's common property, such as the elisabeth chapel. Thanks to the care of dieter poldrack, magda and franz laudenbach and other helpers, it is a much visited ornament.

Franziska metz was also able to report good news. Ten girls and boys have already joined the children's dance group she founded this year. For children she organizes on 9. Marz a guided tour of the museum for children in the heimatstube.


Singing together in the frankische schweiz museum

"Through the year ruber – gsunga and gredt." This was the motto of the now 70. Singing day at the france switzerland museum in which around 40 singers took part.

Since the founding of the central museum of french-speaking switzerland in 1978, the singing day in the spirit of a living museum has been a popular event in the calendar of events. It was initiated by the long-time leader eberhard hofmann from kirchehrenbach, who still heads the folk music working group in the french switzerland association.

Under the direction of carlolin pruy-popp, head of the advisory office for folk music in franconia of the bayerischer landesverein fur heimatpflege, and edeltraud gahn, folk songs were sung this time in french dialect but also in high german about the four seasons, with the upcoming advent season taking up the most space in the second part.


Chor rubs his audience in hochstadt with

Chor rubs his audience in hochstadt with

"Gospel is more than just music – this was the theme of the "gospel voices" performance on sunday evening invited from baiersdorf to their concert in the georg church in hochstadt. Dean kilian kemmer was happy to bury the choir once again in hochstadt. "Even if you bring the good news musically in a construction site – life is also a construction site and we always have to work on it", he explained.

Under the direction of gocha mosiashvili, a full-blooded musician from georgia, gospels, traditionals as well as african rhythms and songs were heard. "We wanted to give you the good news – gospel means good news – of confidence and joy", said one of the spokeswomen of the choir. She also explained the title of the concert. Gospel music is passion, enthusiasm, spirituality and history. But it is more than music, it is a way of life. Gospel is the origin of other music styles like blues and soul, the music with a lot of soul. Gospel lives but also from the movement.

"Leave your comfort zone and move, clap along with us!", prompted a sanger, and as the evening progressed, the listeners became more and more relaxed. From melodious, quiet, contemplative and pleading songs, accompanied on the electric piano by jonathan wagner, to lively rhythmic african songs, accompanied on the drums by alexandra richter (bass drum) and norbert becher (djembe) from "body&soul" from bamberg – everything was to hear. There was even christmas music like "when jesus was born" or "jesus, what a wonderful child". "The christmas story is always relevant, because at jesus’ birth there was no snow and no santa claus either.", a spokeswoman explained.


“Horband” comes with her new program

The "horband guest with their new program "dummer geht ummer" on 6. October at 7 pm at the burgerhaus lechner brau in baunach. Tickets are now available at the known ticket agencies.

The winners of the german choir competition 2018 in the category "vocal ensembles pop writing innovation rough. In addition, creativity, original compositions and arrangements, as well as laugh and earworm guarantors are roughly written.

Perfectly packaging mischief, in the music and in the moderation, that is "horbands" MARK. The five award-winning full-blooded sympathizers alice, friedemann, joshua, silas and ohlsen transform the audience into a witch’s cauldron in no time at all. Because it is true: there is magic in every mischief.


“Blechbixn” take the manners to task

The political women of herzogenaurach celebrate on sunday, 8. March, international women’s day. At 19.30 o’clock the concert of the "blechbixn" starts in the evangelic church in the von-seckendorff-strabe, as a "pre-woman" the organizers announce that the singer moni will perform. Admission is from 18.30 o’clock, before the concert a snack is offered, which is included in the admission price of 25 euro. Tickets are available in advance at bucher, medien und mehr, reformhaus dorweiler and at the box office.

As a cheeky "blechbixn" michi, karin, judith and hilde have been touring bavarian festival stages and taverns since 2011, blowing hard on the brass, letting their fingers fly over the accordion and singing in dialect in three parts. Driving, wild and yet full of feeling, promise the organizers. Bavarian girlpower is storming forward, following the motto: high time to leave the brass music not only to the men.

Cheeky sayings

They love their bavarian homeland, but they are also drawn to the world: "dahoam is dahoam, but to make music we like to drive around in the world." That the four good friends have known each other since childhood, spent many years together at the monastery school and have a lot of fun together, can be seen and felt. The name "blechbixn is not only about the wind instruments: the four "bixn" always have a cheeky saying on their lips not at a loss for words. What always resonates is the fun and the joy of playing.