The post-sv celebrates the 50. Very sporty

The karate department of the post-SV bamberg celebrated its 50th anniversary. Anna schmuck and andreas de sario, the two organizers of the party, had been able to win maria weib, the former kumite world champion (kumite = free fight), and franz fenk, the former kata national coach (kata = form running), as speakers for this event. Over 100 participants from all over bavaria came to the vocational school hall to train with these speakers and celebrate with the post-karateka.
In the morning there were two training sessions, which gave the active participants the opportunity to get a taste of the other special field. Karateka, who normally do more kumite, participated in the kata unit and vice versa. In the afternoon there was a special unit for kata and kumite, which was especially aimed at the squad athletes and those interested in competitions.
After the first training session the official part was on the program: after the burial of the many participants and the presentation of gifts to the speakers, personal words were said. Werner thiele, the chairman of the post-SV bamberg, thanked the department and especially werner sadlauskas, who has been with the department since its beginnings. Also the karateka of the police SV said thanks to sadlauskas. The friendship of the two bamberger karate departments is cultivated since more than 20 years by the common training on sunday mornings, one helps and supports each other in all matters. Sadlauskas helped prepare jurgen and eva fuchs as well as bernd bitterer for their respective dan examinations. The result could be seen: in the summer, national coach karamitsos presented jurgen fuchs in eching am ammersee the 5. DAN and eva fuchs the 4. DAN. Bernd bitterer faced the critical eyes of the federal trainer in ahorn/coburg. He, too, was awarded the certificate of 5. Dan presented. The karate department of the post-SV also thanked sadlauskas and also berthold pfohlmann, who have both been karate instructors for 50 and. For over 40 years the karate department mabgebgeblich and always bring new generations this martial art closer.
The district chairman frank horner presented the club with a certificate for the rare 50th anniversary of the department. Pfohlmann received the silver badge of honor of the bavarian karate association for his achievements and his honorary office of more than 40 years. Sadlauskas was awarded the golden pin of honor. After the competition there was a chinese buffet, the party lasted until late at night.
The next day andreas de sario started at the open state championships of baden-wurttemberg (kumite u45 +80 kg). In the first round he won against the reigning german champion siegfried schmidt from SFB frickenhausen 6:5, a fist bump in the last second secured him the victory. Then he defeated wolfgang selje (PSV heidelberg) clearly with 3:0. In the final against thomas schmidt from KD unterrot he immediately used the fubstobe he had just rehearsed and won the title. This was a successful dress rehearsal for the german championship in bielefeld at the end of october.

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