Blessing for new children’s slide in grobwenkheim

Blessing for new children's slide in grobwenkheim

"The last board of the association decided, among other things, to buy a new children’s slide for the playground", said wilfried konig, guardian of the grobwenkheim guardian association "hubertus, who had been dissolved in august 2017. According to the statutes of the association, the association’s assets must be made available for youth work. In consultation with the city of munnerstadt, the equipment has meanwhile been professionally erected on the playground below the sports field by employees of the construction crew.

In the course of this action, the sand was also replaced at the other playgrounds and gymnastics facilities and the land was made more attractive. "For the rest of the money from the club’s funds, further playground equipment and utensils for the youth work of other clubs are purchased", said konig.

The eve mass was celebrated by monsignor dr. Benno von bundschuh in the sports home. The new canopy at the sports center was also included in the ceremony, where visitors attended the service and the youth brass band of grobwenkheim, under the direction of martin reinhard, provided the musical accompaniment. After the blessing of the st. John’s fire and the neatly decorated motorcycles of the motorcycle friends grobwenkheim, which were parked on the sports field, pastor von bundschuh immediately made a detour to the nearby playground to also give the new children’s slide the church’s blessing.

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