All the anxiety of the german fans was in vain

It was actually pretty empty on the city’s streets last night. When the german soccer team played its first world cup game, the burgers were drawn to the television set. At home and in the pubs, in fan communities with friends or at public viewings – there was shaking and trembling.

However, the first 45 minutes were not a rough spab. And in the second half, too, mexico seemed closer to the winning goal than jogi’s eleven to the equalizer.

1000 liters of beer were prepared as around 900 visitors streamed onto the piazza of the adidas outlet on sunday evening. But the spectators were like the german team that evening: not yet in the right mood for the world cup. After only 35 minutes, the german team was already trailing 1:0. Accordingly, long faces could also be seen on the fan mile at adidas, even though not as many spectators as expected turned up.

On the piazza since 2005

Soccer matches have been broadcast on the site since 2005, and when germany became world champions in 2014, the site was naturally well filled. "The further we get, the more spectators there will be", according to the head of security.
But the fans who were there were in a positive mood. Because they all agreed on one thing even before the game: the national team will win. While little marcel bets on a 3:0 win, georg rather believes in a 2:1 win. "Here at adidas is the best place to watch soccer", so georg, who has made himself comfortable in a camping chair.
David and marcel also bet on a victory for the german team. However, the opinions of the two friends differ when it comes to the question of who will be the world champion. While manu is firmly convinced that germany will win the title, david is thinking more along the lines of an aubenseiter. "I like island very much", he explains. So he also believes in a final between germany and iceland – in which his home country will have to admit defeat. But the two like above all the atmosphere and the feeling in summer.
Whether in the legendary world champions jersey from 1990, casually in T-shirt and jeans or with hair in black-red-gold: the fan mile at adidas also had a lot to offer for the german world cup opener, even if the game did not go as positively as the german fans had wished beforehand. The next chance for the national team to make amends is next saturday against sweden – of course again live on the piazza.
Since 2006, when the fubball world cup was held in germany, a small residential area in herzogenaurach has been home to a close-knit community of neighbors and friends who come together to watch the games. From tournament to tournament, this has been expanded somewhat, and so the lortzingstrabe has now become an attractive meeting place decorated with all kinds of flags. And they are accompanied by home-brewed beer from lortzingbrau. Yesterday we added some nerve food – the chips sold like hotcakes.
Because it was partly to pull hair, what was offered on the green turf there. Nevertheless, the hobby brewers are counting on the effect of their summer gold, which was brewed especially for the world cup. Against sweden it will work out then already.

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