300 Tons of rock break off castle cliff in neuhaus

300 tons of rock break off castle cliff in neuhaus

A huge rockslide terrified residents in neuhaus on tuesday night. About 300 tons of rock and parts of the castle wall had fallen into the valley from the slope of veldenstein castle, as the police reported on tuesday. A boulder hit a house. No one was injured. 17 people were evacuated as a precaution.

According to police, they are staying with acquaintances and in a guesthouse. The coarse part of the roll slid onto the state road 2163. The schwabach criminal investigation department began investigations on suspicion of construction hazards. A scaffold has been erected on the castle wall – whether the construction work is related to the rockfall is being investigated. But the rocks could also have been drawn as a result of the continuous rain of the previous days, it was said.

A geologist was to arrive on site in the afternoon to examine the rock slope. More rain is expected in nurnberger land in the coming days. The geologist should therefore also clear how stable the castle wall still is. The state road is expected to remain closed until the end of the week. The removal of the heavy stones will take some time, it said.

The medieval castle veldenstein on 500 meters high is the landmark of the market neuhaus. Until the end of last year, it had been used as a hotel and restaurant. After negotiations with the state of bavaria and a brewery failed, the leaseholders closed the doors after 25 years.

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