New principal wants diversity

"As soon as we are allowed to go to school without a mask, we will make the official ceremony", mayor regina wohlpart and the new principal of viereth-trunstadt elementary school, karin divers-trapp, had agreed in september. But since the regulations have been tightened up since then, wohlpart didn’t want to postpone the gesture any longer.

On the nationwide reading day, she took the opportunity to congratulate karin divers-trapp on her new position and then read to the fourth graders from alex ruhle’s "zippel, das wirklich wahre schlossgespenst" (zippel, the really true ghost of the castle) read aloud.

In doing so, the principal met the principal’ wish for a colorful, lively school: "under the given circumstances, we want to be open to offers that go beyond the curriculum and complement it, explains divers-trapp. The new principal is particularly pleased that the cultural challenge for the children is already firmly established at the school, with author readings, theater performances, art events and other activities. She herself leads her third class as a keyboard class with an additional music lesson and fourteen keyboards in the classroom.

"Unfortunately, many of our other ideas and visions cannot be realized at the moment, but that doesn’t stop us from planning." In the area of digitization, the current situation has had a favorable effect. "We have introduced a school management program that also provides an online platform for digital learning. Especially after the experience of the school closure in the last school year, parents have shown themselves to be very open-minded. There is not a single family that has not registered. In addition, we were able to purchase several laptops with funding from the state and the community, which are now available as loan equipment for the schools, but can also be used in the classroom."

Karin divers-trapp also attaches great importance to cooperation with the community, daycare centers and local associations. "If everyone pulls together, the work is much easier and we can help each other to achieve something good for the children", emphasizes the principal, who most recently worked for two years as a principal in ebensfeld and before that as a teacher in the upper palatinate. Today, the 47-year-old lives in bamberg with her husband and two children.

The mayor is also looking forward to a good working relationship. In addition to educational leadership and design, assertiveness and flexibility are particularly important in these difficult times. "We wait a lifetime for the ordinary person, instead of turning the ordinary ones around us into such", wohlpart quotes the theologian and cultural philosopher hans urs von balthasar and concludes with the words: "let’s make this our common task and challenge our children on their journey through life."

She read to the fourth-grade students, who hung on her lips with amused anticipation, about the mini-ghost zippel, who lives in inconspicuous rusty turrets and helps the shrewish main character paul to gain more self-confidence step by step.

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