Exhibition in the euerdorf museum unites many projects

Exhibition in the euerdorf museum unites many projects

A successful start was the vernissage for the project "art goes abroad … And confesses color" in the euerdorf museum "terra triassica. The institution received from the museums of the city of aschaffenburg a colored paper sample book, which can be seen in the context of a special and accompanying exhibitions, and at the same time lent a pebble to the museum "obere saline" in bad kissingen.

Mayor peter bergel was particularly pleased that the project has already been running successfully for ten years. A total of 16 museums in lower franconia took part in this action over a period of 22 days. July to 8. November this year. With the motto "show your colors peter bergel is connected with much more – showing attitude, standing by a cause, standing by an opinion.

From the colored paper pattern book, he spanned the arc to the limestones of the triassic period. Limestones were used as printing templates for the oldest flat printing process, lithography. Until 1930, lithography was one of the most common techniques for printing on paper. Museum director martina wilm-kiesel led a tour of the exhibition.

Came, tuned or embossed

"It is not a sensational work of art at first glance, but one that will certainly look familiar to you", presented dr. Thomas schauerte, director of the museums of aschaffenburg, presents the loan with samples of refined papers. "However, it is not just a book of samples, but a piece of industrial history." Colored papers are refined papers in the variants dyed, combed, dipped, printed or embossed. Schauerte particularly praised the presentation of the loan object in the museum terra triassica.

Kindergarten and elementary school each contributed an accompanying exhibition with works by the youngest artists from the administrative community. "After the children had looked at and inspected pictures of the exchange object, the group discussed what, and above all how, art objects should be created and made", reports renate krockel, director of the euerdorf kindergarten "haus fur kinder", and: "it was immediately clear: color and pattern are important."

Different techniques

Therefore, different materials were provided for pattern making. The children were creative, which is reflected in the imaginative results. Renate krockel conveyed an important message from the young artists with a wink: "this is really just a loan. The artists wanted to return their works after the exhibition."

Equally colorful and creative were the students of einhard elementary school, whose works were presented by andrea schafer of the school administration. The schoolchildren used various techniques: among other things, they filled soap bubble liquid and color into round containers. Air was blown into the liquid with a straw, creating bubbles on top of it. When the holders were full of air bubbles, a sheet of paper was placed over them – several times and with different colors.

In addition, marbling was done with shaving foam, various printing methods were used, and spherical images were created with the help of a colored marble. A colorful and extremely creative feast for the eyes. A very successful exhibition, which is followed by the museum with its fossils from the triassic period. The visitors were very impressed: "it’s a great event in a very special atmosphere", visitor christa gigla was pleased.

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