The hallstadt burgers benefit

The hallstadt burgers benefit

What probably benefits all hallstadtern equally in the 48.7-million-budget decided for this year and they feel directly in the wallet, that is the unchanged water prices of 1.80 euros per cubic meter. In order to cover costs, the purchase price actually had to be raised to 1.85 and further thereafter. However, due to the inconvenience to the citizens because of the repeated drinking water contamination and boiling regulations 2018, the city council comes to meet them in this way.

Following intensive preliminary discussions at the beginning of the month, the committee has now approved the budget, incorporating a number of motions from the three parliamentary groups. Praise from all sides went to the administration, which had many projects to work on last year and will be busy again this year.

Investments of over 20 million euros

Mayor thomas soder (CSU) commented on the budget that this year’s volume is similar to that of the previous year, whereas second mayor ludwig wolf (BBL) added the word "record" to the term "budget" erganized. He also did the same for the investments of over 20 million euros mentioned by soder.

In this context, the first mayor also made it clear that the five employees of the construction department were already stretched to their limits in the process. He then asked for the public’s understanding that they would hardly be able to raise much more than that. He repeated this also to the motion, which concerned the processing of the priority list in the tram preservation.

One issue that is burning under the nails of all the parliamentary groups – CSU, SPD and burgerblock – is flood protection. They demand that the dike be rebuilt, which has been outstanding for years, before anything else can possibly happen here.

Different priorities

While the CSU, in its many motions, is particularly committed to digitalization in the secondary school, the SPD would finally like to advance the community of dorflein as well. The main focus of the burger block concerns the traffic situation in the north of hallstadt and, above all, a concession for the farmers who have to deal with difficult conditions for their vehicles in the course of the tree removals in lichtenfelser strabe.

The creation of living space is an issue in hallstadt where the need for action is recognized. With almost 10,000 inhabitants, families in particular can look forward to special support from the city for the costs of daycare that will not be covered this year.

The parliamentary groups are aware that the city’s good financial position is due to business. That is why we continue to see an increase in trade tax – currently 310 v.H. From. The basic taxes also remain the same, at a rate of 250 percent.H., as it was last set in 1978.

28 million euros in the administrative budget

As kammerer pflaum had already explained in detail in the preliminary consultation, the budget this year has a total volume of 48.7 million. The administrative budget (current income and expenditure) accounts for around 28 million euros and the property budget (investments) for 20 million euros.

The largest investment projects are the market square (4.5 million euros), the fire station (2.6 million euros), water and sewage (around 2.3 million euros), schwanenbrau (2 million euros), land acquisition (1 million euros), the extension of the nursery school (920,000 euros) and the photovoltaic system (1.3 million euros). In addition, there is a district levy of just under 10.5 million euros, "higher than ever before", and the business tax levy of a good three million euros.

Among the revenues, the trade tax of 13.5 million euros will probably be lower than originally planned. On the other hand, the income tax participation is very positive at 5.1 million euros, while the sales tax participation is 1.6 million euros.

26 million euros in spending

Hallstadt has been debt-free since 2016. The remark "hallstadt is financially well off", the always very cautious calculator kammerer then let himself be persuaded to do so. Despite the necessary withdrawal of reserves, these will still amount to 26 million euros at the end of the year. After completion of all rough tree removals 2022 still 18 million euro in the rucklagentopf will be.

With the unanimous resolution as a statute, the budget for 2019 is on its way.

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