A plan and a criminal complaint

A plan and a criminal complaint

Seven stories, 170 rooms: such a hotel could be built at the anger if the city provides the building land and the corresponding plans are approved.

The draft is to be presented today, wednesday, to the construction and environment senate in a closed session. Yesterday, the finance senate discussed in private the question of whether the city would make the land on ketschendorfer strabe available for use. The signals after the meeting seem to have been positive for the investors. It was not possible to find out anything more concrete than that, because after views of a possible hotel were leaked to the media last week, there is a certain sense of alarm in the city administration.

Mayor norbert tessmer (SPD) has filed criminal charges against unknown persons, as he confirmed on tuesday evening. The fact that the pictures were leaked to the media was a breach of trust. When it comes to investors and real estate deals, it’s "confidential according to the company’s rules, and you have to stick to them". Accordingly, information from non-public meetings may only be disclosed if this has been expressly decided upon.

In recent weeks, however, a number of city council members had more than hinted at the fact that a hotel was to be built at the anger. And at least since the publication of the views last week, the project is also eagerly discussed in the population. Yesterday, second mayor birgit weber (CSU), who is also the city’s building officer, even felt compelled to refer to the development plan for the anger site: all the basic principles can be found there or in the explanatory memorandum to it. "The visualizations in the presentations at that time thus represent the basis for the discussion." And if a building application comes in, it will be processed accordingly.

The basis for today’s development plan was discussed from 2010 onwards. In 2007, the city held an urban planning competition, which was won by the weimar firm schettler und wittenberg. This office delivered the first draft plan. The city wanted "coburg’s new south" at that time and was looking for investors for everything – hotel, town hall (2000 seats), school gymnasium. No one was found. The process was only resumed in 2013 because a planning basis had to be created for the new triple sports hall on bamberger strabe. Since summer 2014, this development plan has been legally effective – with a construction site for a seven-story hotel.

Wolf-rudiger benzel (formerly grune) already voted against it at that time. He has now applied with martina benzel-weyh to change the development plan in order to prevent the seven-story hotel. The city council will have to deal with this next week. The motion has no chance of gaining a majority.

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