4000 Euros for the school

The three-mountain school in knetzgau is delighted to receive a donation of 4000 euros. The school's forderverein has provided a sum of 2000 euros, made up of annual membership fees and donations from companies. The parents' council also donated 2000 euro. This money comes from the proceeds of various school events.

For the school management, the size of the sum in advance was important, as principal antje schorn said. The students in the fifth through ninth grades were able to work with teachers anna farmand and teresa lang to select furniture for sitting and chilling across the classes, but also to manage the given financial budget. The young people had previously measured the space where the furniture is now located in the middle school area and obtained information about prices from the companies themselves. The school management felt that it was important for the young people to act largely on their own so that they could identify with the equipment they had chosen. The donation was handed over to antje schorn by the chairmen anja keller (forderverein) and sandra rebmann (parents' council). 

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