The night of metals at akg

The night of metals at akg

It all started with the casting of simple pewter figures and a few interested students at the armin knab high school in kitzingen (AKG). As a result, the school laboratory "gituma" which stands for casting technology and metal processing. On thursday evening, the laboratory celebrated its tenth anniversary with a festive event and the "night of metals, in which interested visitors, an estimated 400 were on the road, were able to find out about gituma’s work in the house.

The focus of this work is on casting technology, which also includes model production via CAD design, the output of the models in 3D printing processes. The casting results must of course be tested for quality, which can be done with different procedures in the school. For this purpose, rontgen spectroscopy is available for the material itself, and various microscopic methods are available for the surfaces, as are post-treatment options such as polishing or electroplating.

All this could be marveled at during the tour of the house on thursday. An aluminum-silicon mixture boiled in the open air until it reached a temperature of 800 degrees, ready for casting. Besides, sand was compacted in molds to be able to cast at the end of the evening. And in the house itself the different laboratories were open, so that insight into the work of the school laboratory could be taken.

Contact established with companies

In addition to the foundry technology, gituma has established contact with companies in order to gain an early insight into technical professions. Gituma does not remain alone with her knowledge, but passes it on to other students, for example from secondary schools, in afternoon courses. The night of the metals is to be repeated at regular intervals.

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