Blessing for new children’s slide in grobwenkheim

Blessing for new children's slide in grobwenkheim

"The last board of the association decided, among other things, to buy a new children’s slide for the playground", said wilfried konig, guardian of the grobwenkheim guardian association "hubertus, who had been dissolved in august 2017. According to the statutes of the association, the association’s assets must be made available for youth work. In consultation with the city of munnerstadt, the equipment has meanwhile been professionally erected on the playground below the sports field by employees of the construction crew.

In the course of this action, the sand was also replaced at the other playgrounds and gymnastics facilities and the land was made more attractive. "For the rest of the money from the club’s funds, further playground equipment and utensils for the youth work of other clubs are purchased", said konig.

The eve mass was celebrated by monsignor dr. Benno von bundschuh in the sports home. The new canopy at the sports center was also included in the ceremony, where visitors attended the service and the youth brass band of grobwenkheim, under the direction of martin reinhard, provided the musical accompaniment. After the blessing of the st. John’s fire and the neatly decorated motorcycles of the motorcycle friends grobwenkheim, which were parked on the sports field, pastor von bundschuh immediately made a detour to the nearby playground to also give the new children’s slide the church’s blessing.


Researchers expect weaker economic growth

researchers expect weaker economic growth

Economists expect significantly weaker economic growth in germany this year than previously assumed. The munich-based ifo institute and the essen-based RWI lowered their forecasts.

"In the first few months of the year, the economy has developed much worse than expected," said ifo’s head of economic research, timo wollmershauser, in berlin on tuesday.

For 2018, its institute still expects gross domestic product (GDP) to grow by 1.8 percent. In the spring, economists had predicted 2.6 percent. For the coming year, they lowered their forecast from 2.1 to 1.8 percent. By way of comparison, the german economy grew by 2.2 percent last year.


The post-sv celebrates the 50. Very sporty

The karate department of the post-SV bamberg celebrated its 50th anniversary. Anna schmuck and andreas de sario, the two organizers of the party, had been able to win maria weib, the former kumite world champion (kumite = free fight), and franz fenk, the former kata national coach (kata = form running), as speakers for this event. Over 100 participants from all over bavaria came to the vocational school hall to train with these speakers and celebrate with the post-karateka.
In the morning there were two training sessions, which gave the active participants the opportunity to get a taste of the other special field. Karateka, who normally do more kumite, participated in the kata unit and vice versa. In the afternoon there was a special unit for kata and kumite, which was especially aimed at the squad athletes and those interested in competitions.
After the first training session the official part was on the program: after the burial of the many participants and the presentation of gifts to the speakers, personal words were said. Werner thiele, the chairman of the post-SV bamberg, thanked the department and especially werner sadlauskas, who has been with the department since its beginnings. Also the karateka of the police SV said thanks to sadlauskas. The friendship of the two bamberger karate departments is cultivated since more than 20 years by the common training on sunday mornings, one helps and supports each other in all matters. Sadlauskas helped prepare jurgen and eva fuchs as well as bernd bitterer for their respective dan examinations. The result could be seen: in the summer, national coach karamitsos presented jurgen fuchs in eching am ammersee the 5. DAN and eva fuchs the 4. DAN. Bernd bitterer faced the critical eyes of the federal trainer in ahorn/coburg. He, too, was awarded the certificate of 5. Dan presented. The karate department of the post-SV also thanked sadlauskas and also berthold pfohlmann, who have both been karate instructors for 50 and. For over 40 years the karate department mabgebgeblich and always bring new generations this martial art closer.
The district chairman frank horner presented the club with a certificate for the rare 50th anniversary of the department. Pfohlmann received the silver badge of honor of the bavarian karate association for his achievements and his honorary office of more than 40 years. Sadlauskas was awarded the golden pin of honor. After the competition there was a chinese buffet, the party lasted until late at night.
The next day andreas de sario started at the open state championships of baden-wurttemberg (kumite u45 +80 kg). In the first round he won against the reigning german champion siegfried schmidt from SFB frickenhausen 6:5, a fist bump in the last second secured him the victory. Then he defeated wolfgang selje (PSV heidelberg) clearly with 3:0. In the final against thomas schmidt from KD unterrot he immediately used the fubstobe he had just rehearsed and won the title. This was a successful dress rehearsal for the german championship in bielefeld at the end of october.


Wiesentheid must become primus

Wiesentheid must become primus

TSV rottendorf – FSG wiesentheid (today, 3 p.M.).

Your place is worrisome. Wiesentheid is just one point away from the relegation zone (13)./12) currently in the table. The defeat in schwebenried was already the fifth winless game in a row. Seven points separates them from second place, and twice that number from first place, where today’s opponents stand. At the sportanlage am grasholz, the free-falling wiesentheider take on table-toppers rottendorf (1./26) on. At 2:3 in schwebenried, the team of coach wolfgang oddoy once again dominated the match, created the best chances, but missed them. Twice the hosts knocked the ball off the goal line in the final phase, another two times were the guests post and crossbar in the way.

At the back, great, at the front, bad


Obama promises more transparency in intelligence work

Obama promises more transparency in intelligence work

After massive criticism of the far-reaching spying program of his intelligence services, U.S. President barack obama has presented plans for a better information policy. Obama promised in washington on friday evening that he would tighten controls on the authorities and make their work more transparent. In congress, he will seek concrete changes in the law. "We can and must be more transparent."
He wants as much information as possible to be made public. "It’s not enough for me as president to have confidence in this program. The american people must also trust them." A balance between security and protection of the private sphere is necessary, he stressed. He also pays attention to how these issues are viewed outside the u.S.: "american leadership in the world depends on the example of american democracy and openness."

In the future, the rules for collecting telephone data should become less simple. The procedures in the secret court, which allows the covert evaluation of communications via telephone lines and the internet, are also to be changed. So far, judges seem to value the safety of burgers more than their rights, obama says.

The NSA, which has come under fire, should set up an agency to look after citizens’ rights and data protection. The ministry of justice will publish its legal assessment of the laws. And the intelligence services should provide better information on websites.


Central council of jews sees religious freedom under attack

Central Council of Jews sees religious freedom under attack

Josef schuster, president of the central council of jews in germany, says a new law in belgium threatens religious freedom throughout europe.

"The ban on deaf shaking, which will now also come into force in wallonia, is another sign that religious freedom is under attack across europe," schuster told the german press agency in brussel. He hopes that the european court of justice will lift the ban and take "due account" of religious freedom in its ruling.

The new law comes into force next week sunday (1. September) in force in the french-speaking part of belgium. It stipulates that animals may no longer be slaughtered without first being stunned. In the northern part of belgium, in flanders, a similar law has already been in force since the beginning of 2019. Ritual slaughter without deafness is practiced according to religious rules in both islam and judaism.


Bamberg christmas market opens its doors

Already on thursday noon there was a lot of activity on the maxplatz in bamberg. Some of them already strolled through the rows and looked at the different stands: from honey, to handmade jewelry, to traditional nativity figures – the offer is again colorful this year. The gluhwein and bratwurst stands were also busy at lunchtime.

Eddy weib constantly put sausages on his grill. With his "bratwurst-hausla" right next to the maxbrunnen, it attracted many working people during lunch break time. "The mood is really good", he said, while packing a few sausages into a sandwich.

Already since the beginning of last week, the stands were set up on the maxplatz. Christian lange, second mayor of bamberg, also observed this from his office. Since the mayor of bamberg, andreas stark, is ill, he and the new bamberg christ child, laura haag, took over the official opening on thursday evening. But he is happy to do so: "what could be better than looking at the many expectant faces at the opening of the christmas market??" He was musically supported by the brass band don bosco and the school choir of the rupprecht school.


A3 expansion gets underway: soder and scheuer break ground – five years of construction work

The fact that the widening of the A3 between the biebelried and furth/erlangen interchanges is of major significance was made clear by the political celebrities who attended the groundbreaking ceremony on friday morning alone. In addition to the district councils of erlangen-hochstadt, kitzingen and bamberg, minister-president markus soder, federal transport minister andreas scheuer and state transport minister kerstin schreyer (all CSU).

Roughest opp infrastructure project in germany to expand the A3

The importance of the expansion for the region as well as for the infrastructure of the federal government was emphasized from all sides. "From the netherlands to austria: the A3 is one of central europe’s most important traffic axes", said minister scheuer. He also emphasized the uniqueness of the public-private partnership (opp) that the federal government is entering into with two construction companies.

For the entire stretch of 76 kilometers, pure expansion costs of 1.5 billion euros are estimated. The opp project has a total cost of around 2.8 billion euros – 700 million euros more than initially estimated – making it the largest opp project ever commissioned in germany.


Bad kissingen: signatures for a better network of cycle paths

Peter bretscher has been collecting signatures for a few weeks now: in kindergartens and schools, in clubs and on supermarket parking lots. 76-year-old arnshauser thinks cyclists are treated like stepmothers in the city, and that the bike path network needed to be better developed. "I cycle when I can. I can get to town faster by bike, i don’t have to look for a parking space, and i can park it right at the shops or at the doctor’s office," he says, he says. Cycling reduces car traffic and thus relieves the parking situation in the city center. Cycling is environmentally friendly, good for health "but dangerous in the absence of cycle paths", he says.

The pensioner thinks that climate protection is not just a matter for big politics, but that everyone has to make a small contribution. So he has started to collect signatures for "more environmentally friendly bicycle use" to be laid out. He reports that more than 600 people so far support his call for a more comprehensive network of bike lanes in the city center.

Initiative circle considered

Bretscher says he doesn’t want to dictate where a bike path should go. He wants to get the city council and the administration to take bike paths into account when planning for rough tree removals.


Vettel wins canada pole – hamilton only fourth

Vettel wins canada pole - hamilton only fourth

On the special track of his rival lewis hamilton in montreal, sebastian vettel took pole position for the first time in five years. The four-time formula 1 world champion secured the best starting spot in the ferrari for the canadian grand prix on sunday.

"Yesterday we still had a few difficulties. I wasn’t really happy with the car," said the driver from heppenheim, recalling the difficult start to the weekend. "Today the car was incredible. I could have gone even faster if I had not had a small mistake."

But even so, it was enough for the 30-year-old to take the top spot on the grid. In a record time of 1:10.764 minutes for the 4.361-kilometer circuit gilles villeneuve, he relegated mercedes driver valtteri bottas from finland to second place by 0.093 seconds.